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The rare and beautiful alexandrite began its journey in the Russian emerald mines in the Ural Mountains in 1834.  It is said that the first crystals were discovered on the birthday of Russian tsar Alexander II (1818-1881), and the gemstone was given his name.  Since the unique stone of the alexandrite ring displays red and green, the colors of old Imperial Russia, it naturally became the national stone of tsarist Russia.  Having been mined for less than 100 years, the alluring alexandrite gemstone is seldom found on the market.  Tiffany's produced some beautiful alexandrite ensembles at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, and smaller alexandrite stones were sometimes seen in Victorian jewelry from England.  

The perfect alexandrite crystals formed millions of years ago when the environment was ideally conducive to the formation of the gemstones.  But because the necessary chemical state of the environment has rarely occurred in the Earth's history, a naturally grown alexandrite gemstone is hard to come by.  Today it is very difficult to find any fine natural alexandrite rings for sale anywhere.  Because of its rarity and beauty, the highest quality gemstone can cost $20,000 per carat and up.

Sought after for its sensational color changing quality, a high-quality alexandrite will show a bluish-green color in the daylight and a purplish-red color in artificial light.  These variations in color will only be evident when your created alexandrite is exposed to different light sources.  Its dynamic colors make your ring perfect for any outfit,any occasion,any mood.   As you grow attached to your striking new purchase, you will be fascinated by its beauty.

Perhaps the mysterious background of the alexandrite will appeal to you.  Some call it a good omen stone.   If you subscribe to this belief, your created alexandrite ring could just offer you guidance when you're in a sticky situation that your head can't help you out of.  Some say the mysterious gemstone could inspire the creativity of its wearer.  Whatever you believe, you will be awestruck by its beauty and metamorphosis.

We at Chatham have helped nature create the beautiful and rare alexandrite stone for you, and at a much more affordable price than the market could offer.  How can we do this?

"Chatham does not make gemstones, we control environments in which crystals grow naturally."

Duplicating nature's environment, a created alexandrite stone is grown over time with identical physical, chemical and optical properties to those found in nature.  We strive to produce the best quality stone for your new Chatham Created Alexandrite ring.  

Natural alexandrite gemstones are very rare and uncommon in modern jewelry because they are hardly ever available, and because they are far too expensive for the general public to buy. Even the lowest quality stones found naturally are extremely expensive and very limited in supply.

At Chatham, we have created an environment in which an affordable, high-quality lab created alexandrite ring can be yours.  Thank you for considering the purchase of a magnificent Chatham Created Alexandrite piece.  We know you will be pleased.

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